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Photo Gallery for Classified Information

Take a look at our latest and greatest photos from newest project Classified Information.

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Classified Information 

>Unique Two Player Deduction Game

>Ultra Compact - Small Box Game

>Deep Strategy in Six Turns

>Mix and Match Across Three Decks

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The Reviews are In!

This is an excellent 2-player game that . . . should explode on Kickstarter and afterwards when gamers discover how good the game is.


[M]ultiple plays reveal what essentially is a Meta game evolving as you learn from past mistakes as does your opponent and your choices change . . .


[P]lays like a deeper more advanced version of Love Letter.


Classified Information is hands down the perfect travel game.


It feels like a game that benefits from repeat plays. Very happy to have it in our collection.


There is so much little yeah in this game Yeah the more we play it and played it the more we started like oh yeah that's why I do this or oh it's connecting all your brain waves start kicking in.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t ending with a card matching my opponent’s code ultimately just luck?

No, quite the contrary, focusing on whether a card is advantageous to hold (based on how likely it is to be in your opponent’s Code) is just as important as what card you play. It is also critical to always consider the 5 cards (“outs”) that your opponent can use to “crack” your Code. Indeed, you may be able to block your opponent by limiting access to the “outs” they need to win. These elements of Classified Information can often be overlooked by new players. There are also many card abilities that, with proper planning, allow you to manipulate the game state to your advantage to get the card(s) you need to win or significantly forestall your opponents. However, Classified Information is a card game, and, like all card games, has some element of luck based on the cards drawn and when they are drawn. But, the more you play Classified Information the more you will find that luck features much more minimally than it may first appear.

Isn’t it possible I may know what card I need to win but not be able to get it? And isn’t it possible my opponent may figure out my Suitcase Number early?

Yes, each of these scenarios is possible and are key parts of the game. In situations where you determine it is unlikely or impossible for you to get a card in your opponent’s Code, or you determine your opponent has “cracked” your Suitcase Number early, you must pivot towards: (1) seeking to prevent your opponent from acquiring the cards they need and (2) winning through having more Guards than your opponent.

Are there some turns that all I might be able to do is Encrypt? And isn’t Encrypt just a weak action?

Yes, although it is unlikely that you will not be able to play one or more cards for their ability or Guild, it is possible you may only be able to Encrypt. However, Encrypt is a powerful (and often overlooked) action. Generally, it serves two purposes: (1) it prevents a card from being seen by your opponent, and (2) removes the card from circulation, ensuring your opponent cannot acquire it. Although two cards in the Ruby and Emerald Decks allow players to interact with the Encrypted Card Pile these interactions are limited and do not negate the benefits of Encrypting.

Why should I play Guards early? Aren’t they just a target for assassination?

Many games of Classified Information are won or lost based solely on the number of Guards a player has in play. There are also many cards in Classified Information (e.g, Wheel of Fate) that can help you gain lots of valuable information only when you have a Guard in play. For these reasons, you should never be reluctant to play Guards early and often!

Aren’t some cards objectively more powerful than others?

Some cards are more helpful in some situations than others, but generally all cards have been play tested and balanced to provide for maximum strategic effect and each can be uniquely powerful in the right scenario.