About the game

play-demoIncrediquest™ is a linear based puzzle game that relies on manipulation of visual and audio clues, conducting research on the web, performing logical deductions and most importantly inherent resourcefulness, and creativity.

Some topics those brave enough to enter Dr. D. Ranged’s lair  will find:

  • science,
  •  music,
  •  theater,
  •  law,
  •  business,
  •  history,
  •  geography,
  •  astronomy,
  • mythology,
  •  pop-culture,
  •  literature and more!



Some of the key game features include:

  •  A potential cash prize awarded to the first person to solve all puzzles.
  •  Beautifully rendered 3D environments.
  •  Top-notch voice acting and original music.
  •  Unique, challenging and varied puzzles.